Machine Design and Fabrication

Zeger Nichols Machine Design and Fabrication Department, is a specialised and experienced group of mechanical, electronics and electrical engineers, collaborated with an experienced fabrication team. Together we work under the guidance of Defence-retired veteran engineer for Machine Design and Fabrication.


If you have a problem, then we have the solution.

Whatever be your problem, if a small scale machine installment can fix it, Zeigler Nichols is here to help you. Machines of excellent performance, with minimal operator interference will be provided in numbers and on time as per your order.

State Your Problem: Our team of experts will be keen to study your problem and to come up with machines that can solve your problem.

Place Order: If you are running short of machines in your firm, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide you machines, as per the order you place.

Visit Us: You can visit our factory and equipment, before placing the order, so that you are totally convinced.