Interior Design and Build

Ziegler Nichols Design and Build Department, is a group of civil and mechanical engineers, architects and interior designers, dedicated to designing, constructing, renovating, interior designing, landscaping and maintenance.

Ziegler Nichols ensures a wholesome package, right from designing to the final ornamentation, strictly confining to your interests, tastes and motives. In order to ensure that you have the best knowledge of what we have in store for you, we would gladly provide you with:

  • 2D and 3D AutoCAD illustrations
  • written document of proposed project
  • written document of cost estimate
  • contract papers

We design and build supermarkets, coffee shops, textiles, boutiques, cafeterias and a lot more.

Zieger Nichols, design, keeping in mind not just the aesthetics, but the best facilities and elements to enhance your buisness.We have a team to research on on the psychology of the kind of customers you have, and accordingly, we design your firm. Space and colour utilisation, visibility, ambience, artful decoration and extra modular structuring will be given prime importance. Office spaces will be designed, keeping in mind, the productivity of employees and basic amenities.

Zeiger Nichols takes up not only Commercial building projects, but also Domestic construction works. Independent Housing Projects – modern, traditional or hybrid – will completed, with excellent craftsmanship and superior quality project management, within the demanded time and budget.